Homophonic Poem

2 Sep

I am in several writing classes this semester and i am going to try and post as many of my writings as possible. Here is the first one, it is for my Intro to verse class, and it is a take on a homophonic poem, as my inspiration I used The killers Smile like you mean it, Britney Spears Baby one more time and Hanson’s MMMBOP. Any who Enjoy!


1. Save some mase.

1.1. Save the waste.

1.2. Wave your face.

1.3. Save your case.

1.4. Dave’s a face. 

1.5. Make some lace.

1.6. Change a race.

1.7. Fake your taste.

2. You know you’ve only got  fun.

2.1. You know you’ve only had one.

2.2. You know she’s fallen down some.

2.3. You sew the pants you have on.

2.4. You load your only hand gun.

2.5. You sue the king for ransom.

2.6. You bring your only grandson.

3. Change your name.

3.1. Make your frame.

3.2. Take a train.

3.3. Shake up Spain.

3.4. Man thats lame. 

4. While you’re young.

4.1. While you’re spun.

4.2. While you’re hung.

4.3. In the dung. 

5. Boy one day you’ll leave the sand.

5.1. Soy is the girls new best friend.

5.2. Toys where made to seek dry land.

6. Oh girl, he’ll help you be the man.

6.1 Ho you’re, the best one night stand.

6.2. Cure, me mister medicine man. 

7. Smile like you mean it.

7.1. Dial like you seen it.

7.2. Die all it if you need it.

7.3. Kyle really means it.

7.4. Shy guys  demean it.

8. I went to my dentist.

9. Mmmbop dib a dop bon du bop dibi dop bon do bop dib a dibi dop bon duoooo.

9.1. Mmmshop dibi sop bon dowop dibi dop bon dowoop dibi lop bon dowooo.

10. He took the giant python.

11. Hit the baby one more time.

11.1. Hit me maybe one more time

11.2. Sit Mrs Daisy on the mime.

11.3. Have a baby one last time.

12. Save the worms.

13. Give the bum a high five.

14. My mom made me dinner.

15. I got 99 problems, and my cook is one.

15.1. I got 99 problems, but a witch ain’t one.

15.2. I got 95 problems, and the power ain’t on.


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