Kansas City Art Institute

Spring 2008

These following images are the work I completed my spring semester of my junior year, The first set of images are from the terra-cotta burn out dress that was based on a dress in my sources, It blew up, or rather the boob section blew off. The set after that are two stoneware rose window interpretations, and the last photo is of the tiles I made based on the quilt my grandmother made for me. 

Fall 2007

This is a tile piece I made the fall of my junior year. The snowflakes are pressmolded with lowfire terracotta and they are glazed fired to cone 02. The layers of snowflakes above the ceramic ones are created from sandblasted black an clear 1-2mm dicroic glass.

Summer 2008

This is work from my study abroad trip to Hungary, at the International Ceramic Studio in Kecskemet. 


Spring 2007

These are cast cups and saucers and thrown cups and saucers from my spring semester.

Fall 2006

Work from The Maryland Institute College of Art(MICA) and Anne Arundel Community College(AACC)




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