These are images of books I have made in the spring of 2008

Paper Books and Prayer Pod. The Paper Books were made using the stab binding method. The Prayer Pods, were made by folding origami paper into 24 sided polyhedrons then filling them with a thought, or worry, and then attaching them to a cord. By filling the pods you “release” your worry and continue your life with out it. 

Bound Book 

This book was created by first making the text block and then attaching it to its cover.

Container Book

These boxes/books were created to hold something. One is made by assembling book board and covering it in a raw satin book cloth, the other is made of cone 10 fired porcelain. The thought in making a container book is that whatever is placed in the “book” becomes its contents.

Altered Book 1

I altered these books so that they resembled a woman’s clutch purse, they are meant to be elegant and functional. 

Altered Book 2

This is what you could call a traditional altered book. I used a copy of Disney’s Peter Pan book and altered it by manipulating pages, paint and wax. I wanted to created texture in the book, as well as no longer make it traditionally functional.

A Parcel from Hungary

This book documents my study abroad trip to the International Ceramic’s Studio in Hungary. It was created using rives bfk in buff and then staining it with inks. The Book is accordion folded, and bound to resemble a parcel sent home. 

This Ain’t Your Momma’s Cookbook Series of 5.

I made this cookbook as an homage to my mother, grandmothers, and aunts. As they were all people that love/loved to cook. It is a collection of family recipe’s and personal recipes. The Books were made using a transfer method on ink stained Rives BFK and are bound using a sewing machine.  

Recipie Boxes Series of 5

My influence in making these boxes, was the idea of heirloom and the things that are left behind and passed down from one to another, Recipes are an heirloom item. There are recipes that my grandma made for my mom, that my mom then made for me, which I now make for myself. If you have ever seen a recipe box then you know that they are literally a Hodge-podge of cards, bits of paper, and clippings from newspapers. The boxes are not necessarily pretty, most of the time they’re pretty disgusting looking, they’re dirty, and have been used and abused. While these boxes are currently “beautiful” as they do not have cookie dough on them they eventually will be the mangled mess that recipe boxes are, they will be passed down and the recipes will be carried on. 


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