15 Apr

I went to nceca about a month ago and have only now really began to digest it. Anywho I had an amazing time. Pittsburgh was great! It was nice to be in a “real” city again, as well as be sorta on the coast with places I know and brands I recignize(like tastykake, i cleaned out a cvs of their stock and now have a freezer full of sugary goodness!). A few Highlights:

1.Representing and sitting at the Kansas City Art Institute table and getting to talk to perspective students as well as famous alumni.

2. Meeting Pete Pinnell, and Richard Notkin and getting to tell both of them that I enjoy their work.

3. Seeing old teachers from AACC and friends from MICA.

4. Finally getting to go to the Andy Warhol Museum and seeing all his stuff, as well as the ron muek exhibition, although I had hopped for a little more Andy and a little less meuk. The stuffed great dane and lion were cool.

5. Seeing planned parenthood protesters, outside a planned parenthood, which just happened to be next to a gallery i wanted to go to. really messed up thing about them though they had little kids with them.

6. Seeing the Greatest Show on Earth Show, which was based around circus life.

7. Buying a clay compass

8. finally getting a redart shrit

9. buying books for 10 bucks less than retail price

10. Getting to hang out with april and tara.

okay time for some pictures!


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