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Summer Sketchbook Exchange Round One

1 Jul

First Round of the Summer Sketchbook Exchange has come and gone. I didn’t work in it as much as I wanted to because I spaced on it for a week. Here are some of the things I created.

blue sharpie, ink and crayon. These are doodles/pattern thingys I draw a lot. My senior thesis was kinda based off of doodles like these.

Ink and watercolor, I was inspired by the book Hello Cupcake and the technicolor cupcake wrecks I see in WAL-MART occasionally

Crayon, stickers, chalk and photo. I keep hearing that Lady Gaga song Alejandro on the radio all the time. I want it to go away. Also an aunt of mine has some pretty kick-ass 70's wall paper and I drew some of it.


over OVER OvEr oVEr Thank god its over

16 May

Done Done Done Done DONE, semester has finally ended and thank the blessed lord! I have been waiting for this day since before spring break began! My grades are going to suck and granted i erned them but shit this semester has sucked for one too many reasons so summer her i come!

I am done!

and im a senior technically! OMG!

Is this what college seniorits feels like?