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Super-Fantastic Sketchbook Exchange Program 2.0

20 Oct

The Summer Sketchbook Program feel through. I mailed out two and only received one in return. Sucks because I was really looking forward to getting mine back after everyone had worked in it. Good news is that a new sketchbook program has started. There are only six people involved this time, which is good because it makes us accountable to each other. We were each required to make our own sketchbook. I created mine with plain white drawing paper and bound it in a traditional 5 stitch binding with wax cover hemp thread.

Below are some picks of work I created in my sketchbook.

cover of book

asu and car sales men

a friend to sit on


Summer Sketchbook Exchange Round One

1 Jul

First Round of the Summer Sketchbook Exchange has come and gone. I didn’t work in it as much as I wanted to because I spaced on it for a week. Here are some of the things I created.

blue sharpie, ink and crayon. These are doodles/pattern thingys I draw a lot. My senior thesis was kinda based off of doodles like these.

Ink and watercolor, I was inspired by the book Hello Cupcake and the technicolor cupcake wrecks I see in WAL-MART occasionally

Crayon, stickers, chalk and photo. I keep hearing that Lady Gaga song Alejandro on the radio all the time. I want it to go away. Also an aunt of mine has some pretty kick-ass 70's wall paper and I drew some of it.