fun in the sun at myrtle beach!

30 Jun

In Myrtle Beach for moment with my dad, stepmom, stepsister and cousin. It’s freaking amazing. The last time I was at the beach was two years ago in Daytona and I came back looking like a cooked lobster. Well I’m a little burned, but not bad. I learned my lesson the last time and I really don’t want skin cancer when I’m like 30. So lots of sun block and shade for me.

Mrytle Beach!

We celebrated my birthday today by going first to Broadway On The Beach, which is this giant outdoor shopping mall. I bought myself a new flower headband and a bottle of ghost chili hot sauce for my brother. For dinner we went to this place called Divine’s Seafood which is right on the water. The food was amazing I had the fisherman’s platter which was shrimp, oysters and a piece of fried fish. It was oh so good!


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