New beginnings

11 Jun

I realize it has been forever since I posted on this thing. I’ve been busy and lazy…lazy mostly. I moved home to Maryland. The move was quite possibly the best thing I could have done for myself other than finding a job…which lets face it are non-existant in the midwest. I can’t express in words how much better I felt stepping off my plane from kcmo on to Maryland soil. It was like this eminence pressure lifted off me. I felt lighter and no longer anxious. My body just relaxed. My dad has continuously told me that home is the place where you rest your head, it is where you choose to make it. I disagree with him on this I think home is where your heart feels at rest. Home is a place where you can just be.

Since being home I have worked as a special education aid/substitute teacher. I enjoy being with the kids and helping them learn but this experience in the public school system has definitely taught me that teaching would not be a good fit for me now. There’s too much bureaucratic crap teachers have to deal with and the pay is not worth the time put in to it.


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