5 Dec

Some of you know some of you don’t, I have a thing for churches and sacred spaces. In the near future I will be moving home for better job prospects, and to zen my soul for a bit. It dawned on me today; I have never checked out the churches in kcmo that have spiked my interest. This is my mission for my remaining time here to view these churches, take reverence in them and to document them as future resources. Ill post my findings here.

Top Churches to see

  1. The big catholic church on Broadway, I think its name is Our Lady of Benevolent Sorrows or something
  2. The gigantic Mormon temple out in Independence, I probably have no chance at seeing the sanctuary but Im going to try like hell to see that nautilus ceiling
  3. Community Christian on the Plaza- I grew up going to this church, It was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
  4. McMurry Methodist another church I grew up going too it is fantastically 70’s through and through

There will probably be more but four is a good number to start with

Once I get back to Maryland I will document the sacred places there too starting with the church I grew up in, the Basilica in Baltimore and Christ’s Church in Annapolis.


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