Happy Halloween!

1 Nov

I finally put those creative juices to good use and carved pumpkins for halloween. I think they turned out well 🙂

I forgot how bad pumpkin guts smell, and that the bigger the pumpkin the thicker the shell...ooops

All four pumpkins (l-r) Hello Kitty Pumpkin, Where the Wild Things Are Pumpkin, Spock Pumpkin and Snoopy Pumpkin

Hello Kitty Pumpkin. This one I etched the image onto the pumpkin using a lino cutter.


I let my inner geek out and carved the live long and prosper hand. Yes I am that big of a dork. If I had, had one more pumpkin I probably would have carved Yoda's head into it.

I carved this for my grandma for her churches harvest party and forgot to get a decent picture of it before it went all ookie


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