Defying Gravity in Iowa

16 Oct

A couple weekends ago my dad, his girlfriend Darla, her daughter Maryl and I took a trip to Des Monies to see the Broadway tour of Wicked. For those who don’t, Wicked is a musical about the lives of the witches of Oz before Dorthy dropped in. I can say without a doubt I had the best seat of my theatre going life (so far I’m only 23) at that production: 3 rows back from the stage dead center. I almost cried out of pure joy in the fact I could see the detailing on the costumes and sets.  If you haven’t seen this musical go see it because you will be blown away by it.

While in Des Monies we watched Abigail Breslin film scenes for her next film Janie Jones and we went to the Botanical Garden. I loved the botanical garden, why can’t Kansas City have one? Or if it does where is it? Favorite plants at the garden: the screw pine-hands down the coolest plant I have ever seen, the Vanilla Orchid-I didn’t know vanilla was an orchid, and the Banana Tree.


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