I should really be better at this

8 Oct

I’m sorry faithful readers, if there are any, that I have been so bad about updating this regularly.

I have been looking for a job, and had no, zip, zilch, nada bites yet. Not even and interview. WTF? JC Penny’s didn’t even want me, again I ask WTF?! seriously? I have a college degree. I can fluff and fold with the best of them. I shop at your store. What’s wrong with me? And another thing and this is to ALL employers out there what’s up with this putting up a “WE’RE HIRING INQUIRE WITHIN” sign and then telling the perspective applicant to go home and apply online. WTF?!!!! Do you know what apply online means to those of us desperate for work it means 20 minutes-hour of time we could be doing other things like looking for other jobs filling out your online app and stupid personality test! It means a guaranteed we will not call you, a because of the volume of applicants we can not tell you why you were not chosen and a don’t call us.

Another thing what’s with this “accepting applications” stuff. Do you know what that means?  It means I just spent 30 minutes filling out your application for a NON-EXISTANT position, and that you may or may not call me if something becomes available, And just incase something does open up you’ll keep my application on file along with 4 billion other ones. Maybe my name will come up one day……..when I’m 50.

I’m sorry dear readers I had to get that out because looking for a job has been the most demoralizing, self esteem killing experience I have ever had. I know a lot of people out there are looking for work. People like me who are college educated, skilled employees who don’t want to throw in the towel and work at Wal-Mart and who shouldn’t have to say do you want fries with that? just to make some money. I realize I am young and new to the work force, but competing against people my parent’s age for the same job is not fair to me or them.

I’m going to climb down from my soap box now………..


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