Tara Donovan

8 Sep

I recently took a trip to the Des Monies Art Center to see the Tara Donovan exhibit. I cannot begin to tell you how her work has affected me as an artist nor how seeing this exhibition has helped me understand my work and place it into context.

My favorite piece was entitled Haze, and completely made of drinking straws.  The beauty of this piece is indescribable, The words that come mind are etherial, heavenly and mystical.  Like something you might see when entering the twilight zone(no not the stupid vampire movie, okay maybe the Bermuda triangle is a better smilie).

Haze by Tara Donovan 2003

Haze by Tara Donovan 2003

Other pieces I really liked at the Art Center where: Francis Bacon’s Study After Velasquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X, Jeff Koons Vacuum’s, and one of the actual subway drawings from Keith Haring.


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