Mo, movies and the belger art center

12 Oct

Recently my pro prac class visited the Belger Art Center  in the crossroads district of KCMO. Mo gave us a short talk about exhibiting in galleries, the founding of the Belger collection, and why it is important not to be an ass when wanting to show your work with a gallery. He then took us on a short guided tour of Maude Wahlman’s Collection of African-America Quilts, and Sun Smith-Foret Silver Screen Quilts. 

I enjoyed both of these exhibits, the reminded me of my grandmother who was an avid quilter, I think she would have enjoyed the show if she were able to see it. Among my favorite quilts by Sun Smith-Foret was the Zoolander quilt, the ode to Marilyn Monroe and the Oprah quilt. My Favorites from Maude’s collection where the applique panels made in Benin and the examples of woven Kente Cloth. 


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