The days they just fly bye

24 Sep

The clock ticks on and low and behold it is 3 1/2 weeks before my midterm crit (eek!). Classes are going well, fave classes for this semester: Patty Catto’s Southwestern Lit, and Cyrus Console’s Intro to Verse, Lamest class: Concepts in Personal and Community Health, seriously that class is like the health class I took in High school. 

In studio I am working on a series of projects, I have gone back to tessellation, and am working on a screen based on a Gothic window from Westminster Abbey. The tile stuff is great, but what I am really interested in and what I was/am having fun with was felting in clay with wool, and yarn, I got some really interesting results after I fired the pieces I experimented with, their delicate but I like that sort of stuff.

I register for classes next semester in a couple weeks, I am 18(12 if Phyllis signs off on the 6 extra lib arts credits have lying around, but that’s another story) credits short of graduating! I cant tell you how excited I am about that! Looking at grad schools too, VCU, OSU, Penn State, UC Long Beach, as well a program like americorps but called teach for America. 


One Response to “The days they just fly bye”

  1. Jason September 25, 2008 at 10:41 pm #

    Anne – good to hear from you. The fam is fine. Things are good in Denver, CO. Love the wordpress. If you want to stay in touch best to catch me on facebook.

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