Lost Oz

10 Sep

This weeks poem from my verse class is written in semi iambicpantameter(?) I don’t know, it’s pretty close apparently there I used something called an enjambment in it between lines 5-7, I don’t know what an enjambment is but it sounds cool! enjoy! 

I left him with an Emerald City glow, 

Ruby slippers in hand, I trecked towards home, 

Through the poppy flieds, and the dark forest. 

No longer following the yellow brick road,

I took a detour to the pink fortress of Good

and Galinda no longer stood, she was undone

Buried and gone, her family stripped of power.

Oz, no longer bright and green, now eerie cold

and I shivered as I walked the path of old

and yet Oz still felt familiar this time.


    One Response to “Lost Oz”

    1. soulintention September 10, 2008 at 8:45 am #

      I love OZ- ruby slippers in hand walking home–

      What if your home is “OZ”?

      thank you for sharing — OZ it is always familiar

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