Art Lab has started!

23 Jun

Whoo Hoo Art Lab here at KCAI has started. today the little kiddies moved in, went through orientation and were given tours by me! Seriously though on the tour front I gave one of my biggest tours, there seriously had to have been at least 50 people on it. eventually I gave up and made Terran( an admissions person) take half of them, It was crazy, I was up by the living center and there where people still down by the library.

Any Who Glass area is all set up, molds are primed, shelves are washed and the glass cabinet is full with pretty new colors.The kids seem excited which makes me excited and not sooo grudgey about having to give up the evening of my 22 b-day.

so precollege kids welcome!

Ill right more later when I know the kids im taing better<3


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