with love from george

4 Jun

its 7 am and i just received one of those calls where your not sure of the caller based on the number. My caller however was George, my teacher and professor, calling me from Hungary! it was definitely a pleasant surprise! he and the kids are having fun in Kesckmet, working hard, and today their firing off the wood kiln. I wished them luck(because my experience last year was crap, our kiln never got to temp) and he assured me they where in better shape we were at this time, which it is 2pm is over there.

I truly do wish them well in Hungary, because it was a life changing experience for me. It was just beautiful. any who

To any of the study abroad kids that might read this, have fun, drink lots of booze if your under age over here, buy small trinkets and most of all if there are b-boys in the courtyard, in the center of town, wow them with your awesome dance moves, Paul storms did it last year and he got a standing ovation from them.

Also thank you georgie! Im going back to bed now!

Some photos as a send off

L-R Myself, Courtney, Priscilla, and Melissa During our Wood fire experience.

Georgie and Nate checking our cones, however this photo was taken pretty late at night when we knew we where fucked cone wise because none of them had gone down and we were stoking in the dark!

Alberto, Crazy boy, Salting the kiln with no protection basically , thats how we roll however in the ceramics dept.! I wonder who the brave chicky is this year? Hannah? Mike, No Thomas, def Thomas.

Me! Stoking between salting rounds, gotta feed that flame!

Group Photo of most of us on our last day in Hungary.


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  1. mihwa July 5, 2008 at 11:48 pm #

    dude.. spell check! i thought i was bad with spelling.. but damn.. hahaha.. spell check woman

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