“The Roommate Issue”

31 May

I have lived with a roommate my entire life, im pretty used to sharing responsiblities and space, and I think I do it pretty well. I lived with a roommate at mica, i was messy she was messy, we got on pretty well, however this year’s roommate wasn’t the same as the mica roommate. Instead of sharing responsiblity she left me to do all the chores basically, I did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, took out the trash, and tried to keep the house in order(however end of semester got the best of me and i’ll admit it looked like a bomb went off in the front room for a good 2 months or so…(sorry!)). When she did do the dishes or took out the trash it was every once and a while, and she did the job so venomously that I just gave up hoping she would do them and did them myself instead of having to deal with “the drama”.

Now granted this situation could have been avoided, i could have listened to her ex-roommate, to my conscious, and to the many others that who were pretty much throwing read flags at me, but the idea of paying 300 bucks a month for rent was too enticing. so i moved in. I also could have avoided this situation by making a roommate contract like i learned as part of my Ra training, but i didn’t, and I also could have just been a bitch and confronted her every now and then, But again i just didn’t want to deal with “the drama”.

Now it is the end of her time in the apt, and she is moving out. I can say that i am excited about the idea of having a 2 bedroom at my disposal, but the victory of getting the apartment is going to be bitter sweet mainly because she is fucking crazy right now and I’m pretty much living in hell. I nicely piled up all of her dishes for her in the kitchen, What i got in response was having my stuff on the coffee table shoved to the floor so she could take the coffee table, i also got a “don’t touch my fucking stuff” shouted at me after she loudly put her dishes back in the cabinets. This comment i find laughable because she continues to use my things, like my dishes, which she never does!

So goodbye roommate, have fun in Maine where I hope the snotty little brats you’ll be teaching give you hell, or at least i hope they pull a parent trap on your ass.


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