the beige room in the beige house in the frozen wonderland of kansas city

8 Mar

everything comes to an end, and I am now first hand watching the slow decay of my grandmother in to that ethereal world of death. i knew it would be soon but this soon is almost to much to handle, it bites and aches this hole in my stomach where the news bit me this afternoon. 

I have to be here right now, this place where i should have been along, and all i can do is sit. sit with my granpa, my uncle david, uncle roger, aunt diane and my cousin ally. and all we can do is sit, and talk and know that she knows that we are there with her, that she is not alone. all we can do now is remince and tell our stories of the times we spent with her. and while it will hurt watching the matriarch of our family die this way, and i know i will cry and be sad i will be glad and appriecitive of the time i did get to spend with her. of the times i made cookies, the nights that i spent at her house, my first sewing lessons, and her awe of my artistic ablities that she swears comes from my great grandpa berry. in the end it will be alright.


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