the weight of the world

1 Mar

just another ordinary day, just one more day towards midterm ceramics critique, just one more day towards my artistic demise. I am so frustrated with this current project! slabs! who ever thought that was a good idea? I am a second semester junior i feel like i should be able to start creating my body of work, to start working through my ideas and creating a coherent body of work that shows my skills, passions and interests! you know what im interested in? Im interested in tile, and while i know i have a good bit to learn on the ceramics front, i at least know what i enjoy doing and that is tile. I want to make architechural tile, things that are massive and will hang in the forye of some corrporation, who want something pretty to brighten up the oppressive steelyness of the static metal building they work in.
I feel as though i am stumbling in the dark through this unknown cavern of slab. it is an unknown territory and that is most likely why i feel this frustration because it is unknown, and the unknown is scary. I just need to let myself go, and fall down the rabbit hole that is slab, and when the chessire cat says follow, just trust him. I can be alice and the queen of hearts both being curious and my own worst enemy. I just need to fall…………


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