Being this strung out at the beginning of the semester is not a good sign.

2 Feb

    So classes have started again, and I won’t lie I am less than excited to start again. I just finished wintermester classes and I could really use a 2 week vacation, really all I want to do right now is be home in maryland, with my mom, sitting in my red chair with my cats watching primetime reruns and chick flicks. I miss home, when I went home this past christmas, it had been a year between my last visit, I was ready for it, but I was not prepared for the homesickness that came to follow after I returned to KCMO.

So I guess here’s to a new semester, with new classes, new textbooks, new notebooks, new batches of clay, new tools, 5-10 page papers, my cubicalesque studio space and the weird ass weather in Kansas City.


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